Being the centre of attention


There are many things introverts struggle with. Being centre of attention is definitely one of them. And yes this is definitely a problem if you are a professional singer. Personally I do not actually like being the centre of attention. I am not the life and soul of any party. Quite frankly when I am not on stage I prefer to be curled up in bed with… dare I say it… Netflix. Don’t get me wrong I do love being on stage (and yes I do expect people to be watching me on stage!) But when I get off stage I am often quite happy to sit quietly and observe the fun and goings on from the sidelines. But things these days are much more like this…



“…you finish a gig in an amazing opera house in Mexico and you are told that there are free nibbles and drinks upstairs for the band.

Love a free drink, love a free nibble!

You make your way up the beautiful spiral red carpeted stairs imagining a nice little room for you and the band only to find yourself approaching a large room of people and as you enter the doorway 100’s of fans rush at you trying to get your autograph.

#smileintrovertsmile #i’monlyamerejazzmusician #wherearethefreenibblesanddrinks? #ofcourseyoucanhavemyautographandaselfie #cheese!where?”

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January 22, 2018

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